Learning from Collaborative Planning

Making Sense Exercise 1: Learning from Collaborative Planning

“It is less important […] to produce perfect plans than to use planning to force managers to think about their assumptions and thereby accelerate learning as a whole.” – Peter M. Senge

While the process of planning often is delegated to individuals, this neglects the power of collaborative planning. It rather makes sense to foster collaborative planning as it accelerates learning in the organization. Here is an exercise worth following:

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Will big data change society in a positive way?

Will Big Data change Society in a Positive Way?

Let’s talk about the value of big data for a common citizen: Most people will associate the term big data with commerce, influencing behavior, or spying. The society is rather scary about the possibilities from big data, as big data is using every detail of our activities to “gain control” over the actions we are taking. That’s at least what many of us are afraid of. Can we consider that big data will change society and bring health and wealth to all of us?

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Retail Success Strategies - combining Customer and Solution Objectives

Retail Success Strategies – merging Customer and Solution Objectives

As Communities become the front door to shops, retailers extend there offerings towards building communities around their stores. Content and likes drive buying decisions. The work on omni-channel services has become top level priority for retailers. The culture of shopping is changing significantly, as consumers gain more autonomy when shopping. And nevertheless things come together again when looking at a matrix of key factors making up retail success strategies for winning solutions.

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Read this book: The Fifth Discipline - Peter M. Senge

Must Read – The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization

Title: The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
Author: Peter M. Senge
Published: 1990
Resources: Buy: Amazon/ Video: YouTube Peter M. Senge speaking about Learning Organizations

In 1997 Harvard Business Review listed it as one of the seminal management books of the previous 75 years. Even though almost 20 years passed since this “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” is still a highly topical book and is a must read for every manager.

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Omni-Channel – Pitfalls and Chances for new Strategies

Omni-Channel – Pitfalls and Chances for new Strategies

Omni-channel – buzzword or panacea? Looking at conferences and the internet it has a high traction at the moment. Interestingly applications and solutions are still difficult to find. No wonder, it implies a way forward into new strategies for retailers. It is up to you to get it right yet! This article help to understand omni-channel pitfalls and find the right strategies.

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Speak Up - Your Opinion is an Assset

Opinion matters – your voice is an asset

I hope you have an opinion – towards your job, your clients, your company, your boss, or towards your colleagues. Do you talk to them about it?

I know that it sometimes is not easy to speak up. It may affect your work, the way people think and talk about you . Sometimes it seems even better to just listen and follow what others are saying. But to be honest, you also suffer from other opinions, if they are not yours. Right?

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Read this book: Drive - Dan Pink

Must Read – Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Title: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
Author: Daniel H. Pink
Published: 2009
Resources: Buy: Amazon / Video: YouTube by RSA Animate (see also below)

Are you motivated? Presumably this one of the most responsible questions, as it is about being happy with what one is doing. But do you know, how motivation works? What is necessary to foster motivation? A stunning but plausible explanation in matters of motivation is being delivered by Daniel Pink in his book “Drive: What really motivates us”.

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The disconnected shopping cart

The (dis)connected shopping cart – in store tracking made easy

We are in 2016. Everything is getting digital. Everything? Not everything. The shopping cart at brick’n’mortar retailer remains disconnected. But why? There could be many benefits from connected shopping carts.

While e-commerce is tracking customer interaction with every single element in their store for years now, the “old-fashioned” brick’n’mortar world stays disconnected. Their only contact point is the PoS. But there could be so much more options from connected shopping carts:

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2015 - the big step into the digital age

2015 – the Big Step into the Digital Age

In 2015 now, digitalization has finally reached the masses. A broad range of applications have made it to the markets. New technologies have become applicable to a large amount of businesses this year. Trends started to become reality, providing first hand feedback from the masses and boosting the development in a tremendous way. The digital age is there and these are the features:

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Assessing Big Data - Project ABIDA

Assessing Big Data – Project ABIDA analyzes the Impact on our Society

Did you ever ask yourself, what happens to data stored in a cloud if the provider is bankrupt? Are we still having a democracy, if the government makes use of big data to drive decisions while there are citizens keep away from the digital world? What are the consequences of identity theft? The use of big data and its consequences will foster discussions including many disciplines besides the obvious questions around business value and privacy. With ABIDA a transdisciplinary project has been started, with the goal of assessing big data to understand implications from trends in Big Data and how this will be affecting our society.

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Digital Marketing and the Shift in the Retail World

Omni-channel presence, personalization demands, and continuous improvements in the use of shopper data produce new challenges for digital marketing in the retail world. The battle for the favor of customers is getting more and more complex. Time to look behind the facades and draw a vision of the shift in retail, that is to be expected. It should be worth while, as tedious labor can bring a sweet reward in the end, when retail media is rising and bear new, exciting business opportunities.

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Process-Aware Analytics

Process-Aware Analytics: Business Processes and Advanced Analytics integrated efficiently

Whether implicitly or direct – analytics have to contribute to business processes.

Implicit contribution is given whenever business involves analytical capabilities. It is an indirect establishment of ad-hoc services, which are made available to business as a supplement for various decisions in processes. This approach provides a maximum degree of flexibility and the ability to adapt to the business needs in a very agile manner. But often it comes at a high cost. The transfer of business questions into appropriate analytical models always leaves a notion of inefficiency.

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Hello World! Start Making Sense

Hello World: Start Making Sense!

For everyone of us personal experience is the basis for decisions if something is making sense to us. These are extremely individual perceptions. Thinking about sense is mainly a task of recalling experiences, biasing, and challenging own habits, which developed from experience over time. “Does this fit in my thinking?” will be the central question.

But, is it really all about personal experience? All along you can find important findings, which start to make sense to many people and thereby become a common sense. So if sense is based on experience, do all of these people have the same experience? The straight answer is yes – at least in the beginning, when things start to make sense to more people.

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