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Positive experience is a fundamental driver for individual and organizational change. Intrinsic motivation, which arises from sense making, is a key factor to create creative tension. It pulls all of us towards higher visions. Sense making is the missing link to turn individual visions into shared visions. It makes us collaborate on inspiring actions.


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The Sense Making Blog is a unique source of inspiration and knowledge, which is targeted towards an open-minded community with an intrinsic motivation to drive change in a fast paced business world. As such it not aiming for setting or envoke standards, but reflecting day to day challenges with adhering ideas and experiments for developing new strategies fitting the purpose. It is constantly growing, it is changing, it is agile.


Start with Why

Orientation comes from understanding – concepts for facing the challenges of a fast paced world are present, but they do not come true until they are understood.

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Be Inspired

Inspiration requires aspiring challenges and visions – the more compelling the challenge, the more attractive the vision, the bigger is the change you can make.

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Do it

Practice cannot be replaced by theory – knowledge about how to transfer concepts into aspiring actions provides a chance to experience and learn how they work best.

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We design complex systems to come around existing complications. We build organizations that empower individuals to contribute to new success stories, like they have never been seen before. Personalization is moving into the center of our thinking and acting. Why? Because it makes sense to us.Harald Dietrich, Sense Maker

Expertise / The Author

Experience in the technical and functional domain, understanding what is required and what can be delivered, the mix of two domains has become an important aspect at work. Only from understanding options it is possible to tell about an opportunity and the change to create from it. Technology is to be complemented by humanity to do the job.

The design and implementation of enterprise scale software solutions, the establishment and continuous improvement of agile methods, the work with teams of various experience levels and motivations as well as many locations, and the challenge to design products to fit business and client expectations have formed a rich set of experiences Harald can benefit from today. While he learned that there is not that single answer on every question, today he understands that the priority lies within understanding the questions, why one should be looking for better processes, higher objectives, and satisfaction from collaborative work streams.

Today Harald is working as Product Owner for data driven marketing solutions. Harald works with technology, where he started from as software developer, and the business, where he found the purpose and value of what he has been doing. The planning of resources, a close working relation with teams to improve satisfaction and output, fostering collaboration between departments, considerations regarding infrastructure, and engagement in a common platform vision comprises the concerted handling of the leap between business as seen by management and possibilities as seen by analytics, development, and delivery teams. Harald has learned to think in systems and considers built-in-quality.

Over time Harald has developed a need to understand how things come together and how to bring change by acting instead of telling. This is what he wants to share with you and others.

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Digitalization is offering much more flexible forms of communication and collaboration. But it needs a spark, which sets context and provides an initial frame to get collaboration going.


Sense Making …

Sense Making

… is positive
… is motivating
… is self-confidence
… is constructive
… is aspiration

… is understanding what it…


Today I start to change the world

Neither politics nor the economy are in a position to drive fundamental changes necessary in the society today. Trapped by constraining adjustments…

Meet and Learn / Events

Exhibitions, conferences, meetups, and barcamps are a great source of inspiration. Meeting people, listening to their views and ideas, having questions and concerns, and fostering discussions is essential to come up with own opinions and visions. Great events tend to be multipliers of means available to you to form new objectives.

Below you can find a blend of upcoming events where I am attending, contributing, or where I am just interested in.

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