Hello World: Start Making Sense!
Hello World: Start Making Sense

Hello World: Start Making Sense!

For everyone of us personal experience is the basis for decisions if something is making sense to us. These are extremely individual perceptions. Thinking about sense is mainly a task of recalling experiences, biasing, and challenging own habits, which developed from experience over time. “Does this fit in my thinking?” will be the central question.

But, is it really all about personal experience? All along you can find important findings, which start to make sense to many people and thereby become a common sense. So if sense is based on experience, do all of these people have the same experience? The straight answer is yes – at least in the beginning, when things start to make sense to more people.

The more people start to share ideas, which make sense to them, the more this is becoming a common sense. But what does it mean – common sense? Common sense is becoming more important as soon as we are looking at how we are thinking. By nature we are pretty lazy. And so we accept common sense as theen. It serves as substitute for missing experience. If many are thinking in the same way we believe we think in the same way. This is being represented in our biases and habits.

The process of sense making is essential to make our life easier. It gives us the chance to turn over to new new things without the need to think about “basic” things anymore. But we need to remember, that sense making always needs two things. The initial spark and a collaboration of many to make it a common sense. By the way, isn’t this the basis for human intelligence? No need to elaborate on this in detail now – there is a strong intrinsic motivation for sense making in everyone of us.

In the age of digital media we have more ways to communicate and collaborate than ever. We have more possibilities than ever to spread the word. Anyhow, we have to remind ourselves that we still need a spark to start making sense.

Blogging turned out to be a great medium for all kind of experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and ideas with others. They are the breeding ground for new ways of thinking and thereby drive change. They deliver input to other media and serve as a reference. Individual blog posts turn out to be one of the most inspiring places. But they are still driven by individuals. Creating common sense will require more collaboration.

Most bloggers are doing a good job by fostering the dicussions on their posts. They start to keep the process of sense making ongoing by elaborating on the feedback and even dare to update posts or create follow up posts. Few bloggers moved even into a more editorial process, creating full articles rather than blogs, including an editorial office.

The real feedback channel creating additional value, the collaboration of many, seems to lie somewhere inbetween. Rather pure blog posts nor editorial content on it’s own is doing the things, even these seem to be the brackets around blogging as source for sense making. But what is it?

I for myself will want to gain some experience on this topic and thereby start this blog. And I invite you to participate as I need you for this experiment.

Let’s start making sense!