The Five Senses of Modern Companies – Sense of Personalization
The Five Senses of Modern Companies - Sense of Personalization

The Five Senses of Modern Companies – Sense of Personalization

Passion is something, which does not come from structures. Mindsets are related directly to people. This chapter could have the title personality, human nature, or individualism as well. Personalization is framing and decorating new approaches to cope with complexity, continuous change, and increasing uncertainties. It is a very important sense of modern companies.

It is the human nature, which makes us continuously think about how to improve. Continuously we are looking for change. But we also fear change, when we feel it is against our personality. It is the nature of everyone to demand and fight change on his/her own behalf.

An organization, which has accepted the challenges of continuous change, must consider what it makes with the people. The saying “if the wind of change is blowing, some are building walls and others build windmills” can be applied without any doubt. If we want windmills, we should make people believe in the benefits of change. This will not work without accepting the one or other wall as well. It is exactly this diversity, which implies robustness. It requires a good balance to be able to respond to change and fight back arbitrariness.

While the willingness to accept change is directly linked to the motivation of people, we need to make sure that they will have enough degrees of freedom to maintain a certain level of autonomy and mastery. Exactly these both aspects – together with a purpose to work for – are the pillars of intrinsic motivation.

It requires trust to let people work on their own behalf. But it is the only way to unlock potentials from skills and interests, which we would lock away otherwise. This becomes even more important, if we ask colleagues for their contribution to the success of the company. Lacking room for own decisions (autonomy) and learning beyond the current demand (mastery) leaves people working for the demand of their boss, while empowered teams, which can take their own decisions and grow their knowledge, can contribute their full potential and become important drivers of change.

Not every person will respond the same way to empowerment and autonomy. The diversity, which is given from many different personalities, create heterogenous alliances, which are much more robust to change. Instead of looking for homogenous team, where people and skills can be substituted and scaled easily, we need to create environments, where individuals will find their place. This is personalization of interactions and setups suited to our work force and leads back to an immensely valuable sense of modern companies.

Daniel H. Pink in his book “Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us” brings up the imperative of autonomy, mastery, and purpose for motivated employees.

With his book “Thinking: Fast and Slow” Daniel Kahneman delivers fascinating insights into our inner world, where thinking works completely different than we always believe, and thereby creates understanding for differences in interpretation and activities while the situation is identical

“Effectuation” provides very interesting ideas, how looking at change from the available resources can change the way organizations become more successful.

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