The Five Senses of Modern Companies – Start Sense Making
The Five Senses of Modern Companies - Start Sense Making

The Five Senses of Modern Companies – Start Sense Making

The five senses of modern companies are given by organization, digitalization, collaboration, agility, and personalization. The senses interfere with each other when we use them to form modern companies. Analogue to the human senses, where taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell respond to specific stimuli, a sixth sense evokes the reception of information not gained through the recognized physical channels but sensed with the mind. For our five senses of modern companies sense making is this kind of sixth sense, which is required to make them work together.

Each of the five senses mentioned above will not help to manage change on its own. Only making the senses work together in an adequate manner will help to lift the value of each of them. Unfortunately, there is no blueprint or schema, which can help us to have them working together by itself. It requires a sense of necessities and capabilities and understanding of the current situation to decide how to make them work together optimally.

The five senses provide the ingredients for managing continuous change. Without considering them we will fail to establish sustainable success and growth. While the senses build the fundament, which addresses the wide span from personalization to organization, it requires leadership and appropriate strategies to establish a culture fit for continuous change. Making sense is addressing the mind work required to get there.

My advice to everyone is: go ahead and pay attention to the five senses when addressing change. Check where they make sense to you. Then start with small experiments. Sense making and learning from it is the greatest experience we can have and it will lead you to your form of modern company you will believe in!

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