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Positive experience is a fundamental driver for individual and organizational change. Intrinsic motivation, which arises from sense making, is a key factor to create creative tension. It pulls all of us towards higher visions. Sense making is the missing link to turn individual visions into shared visions. It makes us collaborate on aspiring actions.

If you want to learn and understand how to improve your impact, create influence that enables you to make your visions come true, this is a source of decent information and ideas. The content on this site is supposed to turn your day to day work into the positive experience, that will drive your change.


Start With Why

Orientation comes from understanding – concepts for facing the challenges of a fast paced world are present, but they do not come true until they are understood.

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Be Inspired

Inspiration requires aspiring challenges and visions – the more compelling the challenge, the more attractive the vision, the bigger is the change you can make.

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Do It

Practice cannot be replaced by theory – knowledge about how to transfer concepts into aspiring actions provides a chance to experience and learn how they work best.

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